Performing ecological nano coatings for all materials.

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Nanoskin helps high-quality raw materials and materials to be even more sustainable thanks to user-friendly and cost-efficient nano coatings for professional purposes


Ranging from making concrete and wood water-repellent for a longer lifespan to protecting smooth, non-porous surfaces against corrosion and graffiti.

Our extensive range of nano coatings offers the right solution for almost all materials and surfaces.



With the Nanoskin products you treat more surface with less product compared to a classic hydrofuge. This is easy to apply and saves you lots of time.

Thanks to our calculation tool you quickly learn how much product you need and what it will cost you.

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As a project developer, producer or contractor, do you want to finish or deliver a high-quality product within an attractive period and with a competitive price tag?

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We have moved recently

Good news! Nanoskin recently moved to the Terspelt Business Park in Merchtem – a business site where other SMEs are (and will be) also located. In addition to our warehouse and office space, we also have a meeting room where we would be happy to explain to you our approach, products and possible collaboration. Whether you are a (garden) contractor or project developer or someone who supplies high-quality (building) materials… With our products you can offer in an efficient way a huge added value to your own customer.

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