Nanoskin is a leader in the distribution of nano coating products. Nano coating describes the application of nanostructures to surfaces. These surfaces can, for example, become super hydrophobic after treatment. This means that the surfaces are modified and thus acquire a water-repellent character. This allows easier cleaning (easy-to-clean).

Metal, glass, textiles, plastics, wood and mineral surfaces can be treated. Use a nano coating, for example, in bathrooms, on wooden garden furniture or as a self-cleaning facade protection. In this way you protect it against contamination or weathering and at the same time you save time and money on the use of cleaning agents.

For a number of applications you can calculate below the amount of product you need. Do not hesitate to ask us for information or to calculate a project for you.

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There is no easy answer to this question … The exact consumption depends on many factors. For example, the surface (porous or not) is an important factor. The difference between a porous and a non-porous concrete can make up to a difference of 20% in the calculations. The same for the experience you have with the processing of the liquid. Someone who applies this for the first time on large surfaces can consume up to 15% more compared to a processor with experience. The use of a gun or placement with the brush also has an effect. You must therefore take sufficient precautions when you place the order. Nanoskin has already calculated the most accurate coverage possible, taking into account a number of variables.

No, the 21% VAT is not included in our calculations. You must therefore apply the 21% VAT to the final calculation.
At Nanoskin you can order these quantities or multiples thereof:

10l. / 25l. / 60l. / 220l. and 1,000l

If you want 55l. you can order this by either 1 x 60l. or (1 x 10l. + 2 x 25l.) – This gives you a different total price, but you have the option to use the surplus later for another project in the event of a thrifty treatment. Nanoskin does not make surplus returns.

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