Nanoskin Wood

Nanoskin Wood is a nanotechnology based coating specially designed for the treatment of wood. The coating is made from silicon dioxide and is fully water based. Nanoskin Wood is used to protect untreated, raw wood.

Already treated or weathered wood must first be sanded before the coating can be applied. Otherwise the desired result might not be realised. After applying Nanoskin Wood, the wood acquires a super hydrophobic character, which can be observed when water is poured over the surface. This will result in a pearling effect of the water. Because of this hydrophobic characteristic, Nanoskin Wood offers optimal protection against water, moss and dirt. This will make it more difficult for them to adhere to the treated surface. There will also be less need for maintenance, which will save more costs. After treatment, the wood will continue to breathe and retain its natural appearance. In other words, the wood texture is preserved, the coating does not peel off and the wood will still grey. The coating is completely transparent and colourless.

Nanoskin Wood applied on CLT

Characteristics and advantages

• Easy application by spray
• Strong durability
• Environmentally friendly
• Breathable
• Allows aging
• Does not peel off
• Wood texture is preserved
• Curing at room temperature
• No VOC
• UV stable
• Water and dirt repellent
• Reduces maintenance

Technical datasheet

Product Use

Nanoskin Wood is designed to make all kinds of wood water repellent. This makes this product extremely suitable for chalets, gates, facades, etc. Some types of wood (merbau, oak, robinia, and meranti) contain substances that, when in contact with the coating, can react (‘bleeding’, discolouring) and therefore don’t obtain the desired effect.

From a thickness of approx. 0,5 mm, wood can be treated with Nanoskin Wood. Veneer wood is also treatable and achieves the same desired results.

Technical datasheet
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