Nanoskin Anti-Corrosion

Nanoskin Anti-Corrosion is a nanotechnology based coating specially designed to protect smooth, non-absorbent surfaces from dirt, weathering and corrosion. Based on polysilazane technology, Nanoskin AC forms a permanent protective layer that chemically binds to the substrate. The treated surface can be cleaned several times without having to reapply the coating.

Characteristics and advantages

• Permanent transparent coating
• Easy to apply by spray
• High durability
• Excellent protection against corrosion
• Curing at room temperature
• Fluorine free
• High UV and chemical resistance
• Resistant to temperatures up to 400°C


Technical datasheet

Product Use

Nanoskin AC is suitable for smooth, non-absorbent surfaces such as GRP, 1 or 2 component paint (PU or epoxy), but especially for metallic substrates such as aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, copper and various alloys.


Technical datasheet
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