Nanoskin Textile

Nanoskin Textile is a nanotechnology based coating specially designed for treating natural and synthetic fabrics. The coating is made from silicon dioxide and is fully water based.

After applying Nanoskin Textile, the fabric acquires a super hydrophobic character, which can be observed when water is poured over the surface. This will result in a pearling effect of the water. Because of this hydrophobic characteristic, Nanoskin Textile offers optimal protection against liquids, oils and dirt. This will make it more difficult for them to adhere to the treated surface. There will also be less need for maintenance, which will save more costs. Nanoskin Textile has no influence on the appearance, the breathing, the smell and colour or the feeling of the fabric. The coating is completely transparent and colourless. However, we always recommend to first perform a small test to ensure that there is no reaction or discolouration.

How Nanoskin Textile works

Characteristics and advantages

• Easy application by spray
• Strong durability
• Environmentally friendly
• Optically neutral
• No VOC
• UV stable
• Water and dirt repellent
• Reduces maintenance
• Oleophobic (not all oils)
• Strong non-stick properties

Technical datasheet

Product Use

Nanoskin Textile is designed to make all kinds of fabric water and oil repellent. This coating not only offers protection against water, but also against oily substances such as ketchup, red wine, etc. This coating is not only suitable for shoes and clothing, but also for (car) seats, chairs, curtains and awnings

Technical datasheet
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