Nanoskin Car Window

Nanoskin Car Window is a nanotechnology based coating specially designed for the treatment of vehicle windows. The coating is based on silicon dioxide and ethanol. After applying Nanoskin Car Window, the glass acquires a super hydrophobic character, which can be observed when water is poured over the surface. This will result in a pearling effect of the water. Because of this hydrophobic characteristic, Nanoskin Car Window offers improved visibility during rain.

How Nanoskin works

Characteristics and advantages

• Low consumption
• Strong durability
• Eco-friendly
• Curing at room temperature
• Optically neutral
• UV stable
• Water and dirt repellent
• Reduces maintenance


Technical datasheet

Product Use

Nanoskin Car Window is designed to make glass water and dirt repellent, more specifically for vehicles. This not only keeps the windscreens longer clean, but also greatly improves visibility while driving int the rain. This can already be observed from 60km/h in heavy rain.


Technical datasheet
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