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Nanoskin Anti-Graffiti Porous

Nanoskin Anti-Graffiti Porous (AGP) is a nanotechnology based coating specially designed to protect porous surfaces from graffiti. This durable, high-quality one coat makes it easy to protect mineral surfaces, monuments and infrastructure from graffiti. Nanoskin AGP makes graffiti removal easy and fast without damaging the treated surface. It eliminates the need for costly repainting, repairs and labour-intensive cleaning. Nanoskin AGP forms a matt layer between the graffiti and the surface to which it is applied, creating a new, easy-to-clean surface. The coating prevents the adhesion of graffiti and makes it possible to easily remove it with a high-pressure cleaner without damaging the substrate. The finish is wear-resistant and does not yellow with age. Nanoskin AGP is highly resistant to most types of aerosol paints and permanent markers. In contrast to other anti-graffiti coatings that disappear after a few cleanings, Nanoskin AGP allows the surface to be cleaned several times without having to re-apply the coating.

How Anti – Graffiti Porous works

Characteristics and advantages

  • Matte appearance (‘wetlook’)
  • 1 single layer
  • Permanent (graffiti can be removed multiple times)
  • Strong durability
  • Super hydrophobic and easy-to-clean
  • Curing at room temperature
  • Fluorine-free
  • Sealing – not vapour-permeable
  • High UV and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to high temperatures


Nanoskin AGP is ideal for protecting all kinds of porous substrates. It is mainly suitable for mineral surfaces such as brick, concrete, fibre cement and natural stone, but also works on wood and plaster.

Technical Data Sheet Nanoskin Anti-Graffiti Porous.pdf

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