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Nanoskin Car Window

Nanoskin Car Window is a nano technological coating especially developed for car windows. After the coating is correctly applied, it will form a thin and invisible layer on the treated surface. This thin layer will make sure that water and dirt won’t stick as much to the material. In addition there will be less need for maintenance, which saves money.

Once the Nanoskin Car Window has been applied, you will go through a new driving experience when it rains. This is because of the visibility that makes windscreen wipers nearly redundant. Every driver will undergo an immediate effect that leads to more comfort and better safety on the road. Because of the hydro phobic properties of Nanoskin Car Window, rain will take most dirt away and it will simply roll of the window, which will keep your windscreen cleaner for a longer period.

Suitable for:

All vehicle windows (panoramic roofs included)

 Manual Nanoskin Car Window.pdf


How Nanoskin Car Window works


  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Better visibility on the road
  • Saves on carwashes
  • Effect doesn’t disappear after carwash
  • Protects against corrosion (acid rain, etc.)
  • Easily applied (spray)
  • Optically neutral (transparent)
  • Curing at room temperature
  • Stable at different temperatures
  • Ecologically and biologically safe
  • Resistant against algae, superficial dirt,…


After the surface is coated and the time for the coating to set (24h) has passed, the material can be easily tested by pouring a bit of water over the treated surface. This will result in water droplets and the water should roll off without difficulty instead of creating a uniform film as with an untreated windscreen.

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